Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Your Favorite Fremont Fair Memory?

The Fremont Fair turns the big 4-0 this year and we are so excited to celebrate with our favorite funky community! Lets hold hands, skip down memory lane, and reminisce about our favorite Fremont Fair memories!

My first memory of the Fair?

When I was 8, my dad took me to the Fremont Fair on a warm, sunny afternoon and I remember thinking that all I wanted was to try an elephant ear!

Hand in hand, my dad and I squeezed through crowds of people in flip flops and beaded skirts determined to find my treat.

We passed by a wobbly man on stilts, a stage with drums and guitars, and funky craft vendors with jewelry, t-shirts, hats, you name it…

It was an exciting, colorful and loud adventure on our way to find the infamous elephant ear.

We spotted a long line of people waiting for their elephant ear and we promptly jumped into the row. When we got to the front of the line, my dad lifted me up to the counter to see what I had been anxious searching for. I looked down, and was shocked. “This isn’t an elephant’s ear”, I cried to my dad. “This is dough covered in powered sugar!” As I pouted in disappointment, I reluctantly took a bite. I let it sit in my mouth, and I chewed. I loved it!

I credit the Fremont Fair as the place where I first learned what a real elephant ear was!

Now it’s your turn, what is your favorite Fremont Fair memory?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Save the Date! Fremont Fair's 40th Birthday

The Fremont Fair is celebrating it’s 40th birthday bash this year and that means it is going to be bigger and better then ever! So what can you expect to see this year?

Music: The fair is a mecca for music! We will have two main stages, The Redhook Main Stage and The PCC Waterfront Stage-music sponsored by the Daylight Masons-that will be filled with a variety of live music. Last year’s performances included Lo-Fi, To the Sea and many more.

Art and Shopping: The Seattle Art Car Blowout is a museum on wheels with more then 75 cars on display. Like to shop? Peruse more then 300 vendors to shop for handmade crafts, world imports and novel creations.

Dads & Dogs Day: You won’t want to miss this puppy parade! Paralleling its human counter part, the Fremont Art Council’s Solstice Parade, fair-goers are invited to bring their four-legged friends on Sunday to participate in this fun pup precession. Sunday is also an ode to Dad with the PCC Grilling Competition on the official grill of the Fair, Weber Grills, to create a unique and memorable Father’s Day celebration.

The Beer: Quench your summer thirst with Liquid Goodness! Join former Fremont resident Redhook Brewery at the Fair as they celebrate 30 years of beverage perfection at the Main Stage and Waterfront Beer Garden! More details coming soon. 

The Best Part: The Fremont Fair is a free community celebration. Funds raised through donations and in both Redhook beer gardens benefit the Fremont Chamber of Commerce’sFremont Chamber of Commerce's grants program to fund non-profit projects and organizations, including Solid Ground, that strengthen the Fremont Community.

For more information, visit For the up-to-the-date announcements, follow @FremontFair on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

See you at the Fair!