Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Ready to Quench your Thirst!

Redhook Ale Brewery is serving up ESB, Pilsner and Long Hammer IPA in the Redhook Beer Gardens at the Fremont Fair.  Here’s what you might not know about Redhook…

Along with the Fremont Fair, Redhook is also celebrating a birthday this year! 2011 marks Redhook’s 30th year mastering the art of our favorite craft beverage. While we are 10 years their senior, Redhook has been around the block! In fact, around the block and in our backyard. This leads me to the second thing you might not know about the brewery…

…did you know that Redhook Ale Brewery was originally located in the heart of Fremont? Situated where Theo Chocolate currently resides, Redhook opened their doors in Fremont in 1981. From a modest start in a former transmission shop in Ballard, to a brewery in Fremont and later in Woodinville, Redhook has become one of America’s most recognized craft breweries. 

One last thing you might not know-2011 is the 24th year of what has turned out to be a fantastic partnership between Redhook Brewery and the Fremont Fair! Be sure to check out both Redhook Beer Gardens at the Fair next weekend! They will be pouring:
  •  ESB
  • Pilsner
  • Long Hammer IPA

Stay thirsty my friends and we will see you at the Fair June 17 &18!

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